Top Australian Movies for Your Virtual Trip

Australia isn’t just about kangaroos, barbeque, Opera House, and hot weather. The continent has one of the most active film industries in the world. You will notice that this industry has learned to use its open spaces, culture, history, and modernity beautifully to present thought-provoking and fun movies. In addition, one thing that becomes the hallmark of Australian movies is humor.

Australians are known for their wicked sense of humor, something that you will find plenty of in their films and shows as well. While going to Australia to experience the country may take lots of planning and expenses, there is a cheaper flight as well. Put on your PJs, grab a cup of coffee, and watch these amazing Australian movies to visit the country right from your couch. By subscribing to a streaming platform, you can easily watch these movies. Spectrum Internet will ensure uninterrupted streaming on your Australian tour if you take it ahead. With Mediacom Internet Plans, you can get super-fast internet for a very reasonable price.

With that sorted, here are some of the best products of the Australian film industry to keep you indulged on your weekend tour of down under.

Mad Max Series

Known worldwide for its post-apocalyptic world set in the vast Australian landscape, Mad Max is one of the most popular Australian film series. The first part came in 1979, which earned around $100 million after being made by just a few hundred thousand dollars. The latest of the series came in 2015 named Mad Max: Road Fury.

The movie is set in a dystopian world where resources are scarce and vengeance can drag the whole community into it. The Mad Max series played the role of opening Australian cinema to the rest of the world. The action, even in the first movie given the financial and technological constraints, is fantastic.

The Dressmaker (2015)

One of those movies that starts with a bang, The Dressmaker stars Kate Winslet as Tilly in the lead role. In the white and black dress, crimson lipstick, white gloves, and blonde locks, Tilly is back to her hometown to seek revenge. Accused of murder, Tilly was banished as a child. And now she is back to take revenge on the people who wronged her.

There’s also Liam Hemsworth as Teddy, a hunky farmer who fancies Tilly. Kate Winslet is impeccable in her role in the movie and Hemsworth in his hometown in Australia just shines. It’s a one-of-a-kind movie filled with some great scenes and a punching plotline.

Animal Kingdom (2010)

A true crime drama, Animal Kingdom was released in 2010. The movie was directed by David Michod and stars some famous names such as Jacki Weaver, Ben Mendelsohn, Guy Pearce, and Joel Edgerton. Animal Kingdom is based on a true story of a criminal family in Melbourne, Pettingill. In 1991, two brothers, Victor Peirce, and Trevor Pettingill were acquitted of the murder of two Victorian police officers in 1988.

The family is already in crisis as the boys’ mother dies due to a drug overdose. And the young member comes to live with his sinister grandmother. This brutal yet amazing movie was nominated for 18 categories in the Australian Film Awards of 2011. Jacki Weaver was also nominated for Best Supporting Actress at the Oscars of 2011.

The Babadook (2014)

The Babadook, released in 2014, found its name in the top movies list of that year. And still, in the lists of finest horror movies, Babadook will get some top spots. The horror movie genre is becoming more and more difficult as the audience is becoming desensitized. But this movie managed to scare the audience while keeping them engaged in the plot.

The story is about a kid and his widowed mother. The boy finds a book in his room with a shadow on the cover and develops an interest in it. When his mother begins to read the story to him, fear develops. It increases so much that the boy is experiencing hallucinations, dreams, and out-of-control violent behavior. Will she be able to save her son from this?

Wolf Creek (2005)

If you are a fan of thriller movies that involve a violent murderer, Wolf Creek is the movie for you. But here’s a warning: the mutilations shown in the movie that the murderer does to his victims can give nightmares to even the biggest fans of the genre. The story is about an Australian guy and two British girls.

These three are on vacation to Western Australia on their chiller, Wolf Creek. During their journey, their vehicle breaks down in the middle of nowhere. That starts the chain of events leading to the horror these three people are about to experience. The movie is filled with horrific violent scenes, sure to give you the chills.


Australian cinema is no less than any other’. They know how to make use of the things that set them apart from the rest of the world. The hidden gems of the Australian film industry, like the ones mentioned in this article, are worth investing your time and effort in.

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