What happens if you clear UGC net but not Jrf?

What happens if you clear UGC net but not Jrf?

You can become assistant professor after clearing NET as well as JRF. The only difference between these two are that in JRF you get monetary scholarship and in lectureship, you do not get scholarship. In short, you can do Ph. D with scholarship after clearing JRF.

Is NET exam difficult?

Priyanka: “Overall, UGC NET 2020 exam was good. The difficulty level of the exam was moderate….UGC NET Exam Analysis 2020 for Paper-I.UGC NET Paper-I TopicsDifficulty LevelApproximate No. of Questions AskedHigher Education SystemModerate to Difficult3-410 •

How is Jrf calculated?

The number of slots under General Category for JRF = (Number of candidates who have opted for eligibility for Assistant Professor in that subject X Number of slots available under General category) / Total number of general candidates who have opted for JRF and are qualified for eligibility for an assistant professor.

How many attempts are there for UGC NET JRF?

3 attempts

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