Should I include extracurricular activities on my CV?

Should I include extracurricular activities on my CV?

The answer is yes, you should. Putting extracurricular activities on your resume, similar to listing volunteer work on your resume, gives hiring managers a glimpse into your interests outside of your grades and test scores.

What jobs will be most in demand in 2025?

Here are the most in-demand jobs, including average salaries and qualification requirements.Financial advisor. Health services administrator. Registered nurse. Web developer. Physical therapist. Information security analyst. Statistician. Software developer. Software developers create software to meet users’ needs.

Which jobs will be in demand in 2030?

Here are the 30 best jobs of the next decade or so:Software developers and software quality assurance analysts and testers.Registered nurses. General and operations managers. Financial managers. Medical and health services managers. Nurse practitioners. Market research analysts and marketing specialists. Management analysts.

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