Does the lawyer have a copy of the will?

Does the lawyer have a copy of the will?

The deceased person’s lawyer. If a lawyer drafted the will, that lawyer may have the original or a copy. If you don’t know the lawyer’s name, go through checkbooks for the last few years and look for payments to an individual lawyer or firm.

Should you keep copies of old wills?

You should avoid giving out or making copies of your will. This is because if an original will cannot be located, a copy can be probated, along with testimony of what happened to the original, and a statement that the will was not, to the applicant’s knowledge, revoked.

Why do some attorneys keep copies of wills?

Some attorneys may keep the actual signed executed copy of the will at their office as a safe place or for safe keeping while other attorneys will have the client keep the original because they do not want the responsibility or liability attached in having to safeguard the will.

Can you have more than one copy of your will?

You may choose to have multiple copies of your estate plan, but only an original, executed last will and testament will be recognized by a probate court. Under some circumstances a court may admit copies as evidence of what an original will said, but it is important to produce an original unless doing so is not possible.

Do you keep a copy of Your Last Will and testament?

Some attorneys will keep a copy of a last will and testament as part of their records while other will not and it most likley depend on the policy of the individual attorney or their law firm and the circumstances involved.

How does the court keep the original will?

The client would fill out a form with the client’s and the Executor’s contact information, and the Court keeps the original Will forever. It is not kept as a public document, and no one is allowed to review it until someone shows up at the Courthouse with the client’s death certificate.

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