How do I protect myself from buying a car on eBay?

How do I protect myself from buying a car on eBay?

The only way to ensure that you’re protected as a buyer is to make the purchase through eBay. Even if you’re in close proximity to the vehicle or you’re willing to travel to it, the transaction must ultimately go through the site if you want the assurance and protection of eBay’s plan.

Is eBay a good place to buy a car?

eBay Motors is a popular auction site to take advantage of good deals on new and used cars. With over 5 million vehicles sold on the website to date, eBay is a reliable tool when searching for a new ride. When shopping on eBay, you run the risk of getting ripped off just as you would at any other online store.

Does eBay contact potential buyers?

By default, blocked buyers are still able to contact you about your listings. If you don’t want buyers blocked by your requirements to contact you, select Don’t allow blocked buyers to contact you in Site Preferences (they may still be able to get in touch with you if it’s about an existing transaction).

What does VPP mean for car purchase on eBay?

Vehicle Purchase Protection (VPP) provides protection, against certain losses associated with fraud, up to a maximum amount of your purchase price paid (not exceeding $100,000) for purchase of an eligible vehicle on or through the eBay mobile application.

Can a vehicle be brought into Washington State from out of State?

However, if a commercial vehicle is brought into the state by a business that operates outside of Washington for temporary (no more than 180 days in any consecutive 365 days) business use, then use tax is determined on the reasonable rental value. See RCW 82.12.010 (7) (c).

When do you Pay Use Tax on a vehicle in Washington State?

If you purchased a personal vehicle in another state within 90 days of moving here, you owe use tax when you register and license it. Note: If you paid sales tax and used the vehicle in another state, you may apply that tax against the Washington use tax you owe. RCW 82.12.035.

When do you need to license a vehicle in Washington State?

See Your Nonresident Business Owes Use Tax on Vehicles That are Temporarily in Washington for additional information. You must license your vehicle in Washington within 30 days of moving to this state. For more information, visit the Department of Licensing web site. What amount is used to determine the use tax due?

How do I make my purchased items private on eBay?

When creating your listing – opens in new window or tab, simply select Allow buyers to remain anonymous to other eBay users in the Selling details section. When you choose this option, only you can view the usernames of bidders and buyers – they’re hidden from everyone else viewing your listing.

Can people see what I have purchased on eBay?

Although making your feedback profile private hides your own purchase history, anyone can still see the transaction along with your eBay ID on the seller’s profile if feedback was given.

Can I hide my sold items on eBay?

Re: is it possible to hide sold items on ebay? There isn’t a way that I know of to hide the number of items sold on a listing. You can use sell similar, but all your history and ‘sales velocity’, your position on the search, etc. will be gone.

What to do if you hide something on eBay?

Here’s how: Select the More actions dropdown on the item you’d like to remove. Choose Hide item. If you hid something by mistake, simply select Undo. To do what’s right for the health and safety of our employees, live support is currently limited. If you’re a seller, we recommend that you check out our new Seller Help.

How to find a vehicle to sell on eBay?

Enter your search term to display live search results. Use TAB key to navigate results. Enter your search term to display live search results. Use TAB key to navigate results. The fees for listing and selling a vehicle on eBay Motors are different from the fees for listing and selling in other categories.

How to avoid buying a car on eBay?

1 Don’t place your bid last minute: You want to give yourself enough time to place a bid. 2 Avoid Scams: Avoid taking the transaction off eBay Motors. If a seller asks you to do this, it typically means they are trying to scam you. 3 Salvage titles: If a car has a salvage title, it has been totaled by an insurance company. Proceed with caution.

What happens if you buy something on eBay that is not covered?

The following is a list of items that are not covered, which means the seller can accept payment, fail to send the item, and then you as the buyer have no recourse through the eBay website. Be cautious when purchasing items from the following list: This scam is clever because the deceit occurs offline after the eBay transaction is complete.

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