How do I beat an IME?

How do I beat an IME?

5 Ways You Can Beat a UNUM IME Report

  1. Don’t Exaggerate Your Symptoms.
  2. Build Strong Relationships With Your Treating Doctors.
  3. Assume You’re Under Surveillance Before and After an IME.
  4. Bring a Trustworthy Witness With You.
  5. Consult an Experienced Disability Insurance Lawyer.

How long does IME results take?

Most IME doctors have a copy of their report to the disability insurer within two weeks. Your insurer may send a copy of the IME report to your own treating physician and ask for his or her comments on the exam.

What happens after IME?

After the IME, the doctor will write a report with his or her conclusions and opinions, particularly in response to the disputed issues or questions raised by the insurance company. You or your lawyer should receive a copy of this report. The results of the IME can have a large impact on your case.

Why do IME doctors lie?

These doctors want to make the insurance company happy so that they can continue getting these lucrative exams referred to them. That means their reports to the insurance company tend to minimize the extent of accident victims’ injuries, and mistakes can be made.

How do I prepare for IME?

Checklist for Preparing for Your Independent Medical Examination (IME)

  1. Be Appropriately Cleaned, Groomed & Dressed.
  2. Arrive at Least 30 Minutes Early.
  3. Be Familiar with Your Medical History.
  4. Be 100% Honest – Don’t Exaggerate Your Injuries.

Do I have to see an IME?

Yes, and yes! You have to attend the Independent Medical Exam (IME) under California law one time when it is called by the defense attorney in your case (after your case is filed in California Superior Court). Believe, it is not “independent” in any sense of the word, but you are required to attend.

Can you refuse an IME?

So no, you can’t refuse an IME. But you do you have some rights in the process. The insurance company may recommend their own hand-picked doctor, but you are not obligated to consent. However, if you appeal a denied claim or termination of benefits, the defense will have to turn over the IME report during discovery.

What are the questions to ask during an Ime?

Some of the questions that may be asked during an IME include: What symptoms or injuries did you notice before, during, and after the workplace accident? Did you have a pre-existing condition prior to the workplace accident?

What happens when IME report agrees with treating physician?

The IME report agreed with my treating physician. Everything will be approved, right? Almost always. If the IME physician agrees with your treating physician regarding causation, proposed treatment, etc., your employer will generally act in accord with the IME doctor’s report.

How does an Ime work in a workers’compensation case?

A doctor chosen by the insurance company will perform the examination. Since an IME plays a critical role in determining whether an injured worker receives compensation, it’s crucial for them to speak with an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer before the IME who can help them understand their legal obligations and rights.

When does an insurance company request an Ime?

Your employer’s insurance company will typically request an IME if it disagrees with your own doctor’s diagnosis, especially if this diagnosis recommends extensive medical treatment, surgery or if it says you have suffered a permanent disability.

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