How can I help my FIFO husband?

How can I help my FIFO husband?

Set routines In general, routines put in place by the stay-at-home partner should be adhered to whether the FIFO partner is at home or away. This way, the FIFO partner provides extra help when they are home, but everything does not fall over when they are away.

What is a FIFO husband?

FIFO is anyone who works away from the home for a period of time. My husband is offshore, my neighbour’s husband is in Africa, the woman two streets away from me, her husband is a doctor in a remote community.

What do FIFO workers earn?

The average fifo salary in Australia is $97,500 per year or $50 per hour. Entry level positions start at $81,835 per year while most experienced workers make up to $131,625 per year.

How do you get a FIFO relationship?

Give each other personal time when you’re both at home When you’re in a FIFO relationship, you both have a great deal of juggling to do. So, when you are both at home, not only should you make family plans and cherish your time together, but you should also allow each other daily periods of personal time.

How much do FIFO workers get paid?

Can a FIFO wife be a stay at home mum?

I’m a fifo wife I do it on my own for four weeks at time on my own. I am a stay at home mum. I write from my experience what works for me and what I have learnt. I hope this can help you or perhaps you can help me. If you have a question or perhaps helpful hints email me:

How often does my husband go on a FIFO swing?

Women of defence, truck drivers, did it before us as did their kids. And they would have done it without email, without skype, without face book and msn. The fifo swing we do is 4weeks on and 4 weeks off. The end result is this: my husband is home for a full solid month and in that time he is the best dad and husband in the world.

Is it true that my fiance is a FIFO worker?

My fiancé isn’t a fifo worker, but he does work interstate working on shops, in the last three months I have seen him two weeks and not together. I go into this state of moping until he comes back, it makes me feel like a horrible mother and even my job isn’t enough to distract me.

Is it worth it to do 14 days of FIFO?

You have had 14 days to brood and think about what you’re going to do on days off and you hit the ground excited and sleep-deprived, straight off nightshift, and it’s a bit like someone let you out of a cage!

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