Does flow rate increase with velocity?

Does flow rate increase with velocity?

Bernoulli’s equation states mathematically that if a fluid is flowing through a tube and the tube diameter decreases, then the velocity of the fluid increases, the pressure decreases, and the mass flow (and therefore volumetric flow) remains constant so long as the air density is constant.

What is steady flow?

: a flow in which the velocity of the fluid at a particular fixed point does not change with time. — called also stationary flow.

What is an example of steady flow?

steady: A steady flow is one in which the conditions (velocity, pressure and cross- section) may differ from point to point but DO NOT change with time. An example is the flow of water in a pipe of constant diameter at constant velocity.

How do you know if flow is steady?

Mathematically, steady flow is that in which any property of fluid doesn’t change with time at a particular point in the flow. If, however, the tap is not kept constant and is opened more and more, flow speed at tap outlet keeps increasing. Such a flow is called UNSTEADY FLOW.

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