How do you list research publications on a CV?

How do you list research publications on a CV?

How to list publications on a resumeAuthor’s Last name, Author’s First and Middle names or Initials. Title of article/chapter + Name of journal/magazine/website etc.Year of publication. Publishers or Issue number + Volume number + (if applicable) Page numbers. Remember to include the URL if the publication is online.

How far back does a CV go?

10-15 years

What are combination resumes?

The combination resume format (also called a hybrid resume) combines the best features of a chronological resume and a skills-based resume. Its focal point is your skills summary, also called a professional profile or a qualifications summary.

Is infographic resume good?

Infographic resumes work best as a summary of your overall experience. Minute details about your qualifications and professional background may prove difficult to fit and organize into a graphic format. Some candidates use infographics as a supplement to, or summary page for, a traditional resume.

Can my resume have color?

In general, yes. Most professionally-designed resumes use color. Using color on your resume can help to make your resume look attractive and easy-on-the-eye. Getting the colors on a resume right is important but don’t spend too much time on it.

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