What is CV in accounting?

What is CV in accounting?

CV. Continuing Value. Business, Accounting, Financial.

How does an axial compressor work?

An axial-flow compressor compresses its working fluid by first accelerating the fluid and then diffusing it to obtain a pressure increase (Chapter 7). The fluid is accelerated by a row of rotating airfoils or blades (the rotor) and diffused by a row of stationary blades (the stator).

What is blade loading?

Blade loading is the single most important aerodynamic design parameter in turbomachinery blades, it defines both the amount of work made, or extracted, by the blade and the distribution of such work from hub to tip / shroud. In TURBOdesign1 the design is based on a distribution of swirl velocity or rVθ.

What is blade lock number?

The Lock number represents the ratio of aerodynamic forces, which act to lift the blade, to inertial forces, which act to maintain the blade in the plane of rotation. Typical rotorcraft blades have a Lock number of between 3 and 12.

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