How does WorkCover work in Victoria?

How does WorkCover work in Victoria?

WorkCover insurance covers employers for the cost of benefits if employees are injured or become ill because of their work. It is compulsory for Victorian employers and is funded by their contributions.

Who pays WorkCover Victoria?

Once you make a workers compensation claim, your employer pays your benefits for the first 10 working days that you are incapacitated for work and pays an amount towards your medical costs. Some employers choose not to pay this ‘excess’ amount by way of a ‘buy-out’.

How long can you be on WorkCover Victoria?

After 52 weeks this protection is no longer available, and an employer no longer has an obligation under WorkCover legislation to provide you with any duties or hours if you cannot return to your full duties and hours.

What is covered under WorkCover?

Workers compensation is a form of insurance payment to employees if they are injured at work or become sick due to their work. Workers compensation includes payments to employees to cover their: wages while they’re not fit for work. medical expenses and rehabilitation.

How to set up WorkCover insurance in Victoria?

Whether you need to set up or transfer Victorian workers’ compensation insurance, or you’re an employer, injured worker or broker/accountant/bookkeeper looking to manage your WorkCover insurance we’re here to help you. Please use the links below to access the support you need.

When did WorkCover come into effect in Victoria?

WorkCover is Victoria’s injured workers’ compensation scheme, governed by the Accident Compensation Act 1985 and Workplace Injury Rehabilitation and Compensation Act 2013 and administered by WorkSafe Victoria.

Who are the victims of Workcover in Victoria?

Workcover victim’s Victoria, 2008 Victoria’s work safety authority is paying lawyers millions of dollars in confidential bonuses to minimise payouts in compensation cases brought by alleged victims of workplace accidents.

How do I register with WorkSafe Victoria Insurance?

If you decide to register online, you will have to login into the WorkSafe Victoria insurance online portal called ‘Online Employer Services’ and start a new registration. If you choose to register by post, you have to complete a form and then submit it to a WorkSafe agent of your choice. You’ll receive a username and password

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