Are children competent to give evidence?

Are children competent to give evidence?

Vulnerable persons of any age are entitled to give evidence in chief by pre-recorded interview. This applies if a person is no longer a child and is not cognitively impaired, but his or her interview was recorded when that person was younger than 16 years: s 306U.

What is the role of the children’s court?

The role of the Children’s Court is to ensure that the best interests of children and young people are paramount to any proceedings. The court only deals with children and young people. If an adult – a parent, for example – is charged with a crime against a child, they go to a different court.

What is the children’s court Act 1987?

The Children’s Court Act 1987 (53/1987) replaced existing legislation relating to Children’s Courts. This Act (which had the long title ‘An Act to establish a Children’s Court of New South Wales’) gave the NSW Children’s Court its own piece of legislation for the first time.

Is the children’s court effective?

It is widely accepted that the Children’s Court is an effective means for trans- forming the treatment of children by their parents and carers, and for influencing the behaviour of criminal defendants and potential young offenders in the community (Borowski and Ajzenstadt 2005; O’Connor 1991).

When was the District Court of NSW replaced?

In 1973 the separate district courts and courts of quarter sessions were replaced by a single District Court which exercised both criminal and civil jurisdiction throughout the state.

Who are the judges in the District Court of NSW?

^ The Judicial Commission was conducting an investigation into Judge Ian Dodd however before its report was complete, a medical assessment found Dodd was unfit to work as a judicial officer and he retired on medical grounds. ^ Jonathon Priestly is the son of Bill Priestly a former Judge of Appeal (NSW).

Who was the Chief Justice of the Northern District?

^ James Sheen Dowling was the son of Chief Justice Sir James Dowling. ^ Over a number of years Meymott had failed to attend various courts in the northern district. The Executive Council decided not to remove the judge and instead admonished and reprimanded Meymott and deducted the expenses of a replacement from his judicial salary.

Why did mother lose custody of her daughter in Saudi Arabia?

A mother has lost custody of her four-year-old daughter after a judge ruled she was “too Western” to raise the child well in Saudi Arabia.

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