How do I contact Qantas urgently?

How do I contact Qantas urgently?

For help on impacted travel, see booking changes and other options….The Americas.

Country or territory Contact Opening hours
USA +1 1800 227 4500** For the USA, deaf, hearing or speech impaired customers can call the National Relay Service by dialling 711, then ask for us on +1 1800 227 4500 USA 24 hours, 7 days a week

How do I contact Qantas in Australia?

Deals on Qantas flights across a range of international destinations….Australia.

Qantas area Contact Opening hours
Qantas Customer Service Australia Call 1300 650 729 24 hours, 7 days a week

Is Qantas flying out of Perth?

All Qantas operated flights (international and domestic) operate from the Terminal 3 and 4 (T3/T4) precinct at Perth Airport. All other international airlines, including Jetstar, continue to operate from Perth Terminal 1 (T1).

Where can I complain about Qantas?

If you wish to complain to Qantas, call the complaints line on 1300 659 161.

How long does it take to get a Qantas refund?

approximately 8 weeks
Our current processing time approximately 8 weeks to process refunds. We’re working through the backlog of refund applications and processing these as quickly as possible. Once your refund is processed you’ll receive an email to confirm it’s been actioned. There is no need to call us.

Where are Qantas call Centres located?

General enquiries are typically handled in New Zealand, with overflow calls and calls from Europe handled in South Africa. Live chat is handed from the Philippines. There are also a couple of spin-off Qantas centres such as Qantas Insurance and Qantas Wines which are Australian based (Gosford NSW).

Are there any international flights out of Perth?

Qantas is currently the only airline flying non-stop from Perth to Europe. They fly seasonal to London Heathrow (LHR).

How are Qantas Points earned on a flight?

Qantas Points and Status Credits (where applicable) are earned on eligible flights with that airline’s flight number on your ticket. Qantas Points and Status Credits may not be earned on some Fare Types, booking classes, flights or routes.

How can I Change my Qantas Flight reward?

Your booking contains a Classic Flight Reward combined with a non-Classic Flight Reward. For assistance contact Flight Reward and Priority Reservations to change your booking, Service fees may apply for changes made through a Qantas office. Which bookings can I change online?

Can you call Qantas from anywhere in Australia?

Call us from anywhere in Australia for flight, arrival and departure enquiries. If your flights were booked through a travel agency or third-party website, contact these companies directly for assistance. Deaf, hearing or speech impaired customers please call via the National Relay Service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Is there a fee to book a flight with Qantas?

Bookings and changes (where allowed) may also be available at selected Qantas airport locations and through webchat and selected social media channels in some countries. There is no booking fee when you book your flights on (other fees may apply).

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