Can I sue guardian?

Can I sue guardian?

The guardian can sue in the name of the ward. A guardian can only be sued in the court in which s/he was appointed. A judgment against a guardian in his/her representative capacity binds the estate of the ward but does not bind the guardian or the ward personally.

What is a contested guardianship?

A contested guardianship refers to a situation in which the guardian status of a person is challenged, or called into question. This most commonly occurs when the legal guardian is not fulfilling their role as guardian.

Can You complain to the Solicitors Regulation Authority?

OPG deals with complaints about its services, not about the High Court or the Court of Protection’s decisions or processes. We cannot deal with complaints about legal advice or services. The Solicitors Regulation Authority may be able to help you. Contact OPG if you’re concerned about the actions of an attorney, deputy or a guardian.

How to report a concern about a Public Guardian?

Contact the Office of the Public Guardian if you have concerns about: Your concern could be about, for example, the misuse of money or decisions that are not in the best interests of the person they’re responsible for. Include in your report: If you do not have all of this information, you can still report a concern.

How can I revoke the appointment of an enduring Guardian?

To do this you must complete a Revocation of Appointment of Enduring Guardian form, available from the Guardianship Division of NCAT, and give it to your guardian. This form will also need to be witnessed by a lawyer or the Registrar of the Local Court.

Can a court order an adult to be a guardian?

Intervention orders may also be granted for one off financial decisions that are required to be made on behalf of the adult, such as the power to sell a house. When determining what powers should be granted, the Sheriff will consider the least intervention required to benefit the adult. Who can be a guardian?

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