What are the different subcontractors?

What are the different subcontractors?

Check out our lists of major types of contractors and subcontractors to figure out which one you need to hire for your next home renovation project!

  • General Contractor.
  • Carpenter.
  • Electrician.
  • Drywaller.
  • Plastering.
  • Painter.
  • Wallpaper Installer.
  • Heating and Air-Conditioning (HVAC)

What’s the difference between subcontractor and supplier?

Anyone retained under contract to perform work is a contractor. If the work to be performed is part of the buyer’s fulfillment of another contract where they are the supplier, then the seller is a sub-contractor. Since all buy-sell transactions have an implicit contract, then all suppliers are technically contractors.

What are the types of contractor?

Depending upon the job they perform, construction companies are classified into following types,

  • Small Renovation Contractors.
  • General Contractors.
  • Owner-Builder.
  • Real Estate Developer.
  • Professional Construction Manager.
  • Program Manager.
  • Package Builders.
  • Sponsor-Builder.

What does it mean to be a subcontractor for a cleaning company?

Cleaning subcontractors work under the primary cleaning contractor to help shoulder a project’s workload. Subcontractors shouldn’t be confused with employees, as they are self-employed business owners in their own right — the primary contractor is merely subbing out the work he can’t handle himself.

How to become a cleaning subcontractor in Melbourne?

We are looking for few cleaning Subcontractor to expend our business in western suburb in Melbourne. Subcontractor should have experience with domestic cleaning, house end of lease cleaning, carpet steam cleaning, windows wash, kitchen, oven, rangehood , shower and toilet cleaning.

Who are the subcontractors for Ace cleaning services?

Ace Cleaning Services a 70 Year old Victorian Cleaning Company, require a highly experienced cleaning Subcontractor. Ace would prefer an individual providing… – more… Joss Facility Management are currently seeking Qualified Tradespeople for Subcontract Work on Land and Housing Corporation Properties in this area. Trades… – more…

How often does a property manager use a cleaning subcontractor?

In most cases, a property manager will use the services of a cleaning subcontractor to assist in the upkeep of the property. The subcontractor may be used on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis at the election of the hiring party.

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