How do you put CPR certification on resume?

How do you put CPR certification on resume?

Summary if required, start your review with CPR certified. If extra, present your skills about that job first. Then add, Also CPR certified by the American Red Cross. Objective if in the medical field, start with something like, CPR Certified EMT looking to apply first-responder skills for [company name].

How do you list first aid certification on resume?

Another way to list your certifications is to add them to the resume certification section right after your education; list your certifications and licenses the reverse-chronological order.

What happens if my CCNA expired?

They come to your house and take it back by force. Cisco certifications expire every 3 years not 2. They will be automatically renewed if you pass an exam equal to, or harder, than your current certification. Even if its one exam of three (speaking to the CCNP process) each individual exam will renew your CCNA.

Which is harder CCNA or MCSA?

The CCENT isn’t that hard from what I hear, but the CCNA is. The MCSA is hard too, but don’t need as high of a score to pass the exams.

How difficult is CCNP compared to CCNA?

Following from the first point, the CCNP certification exams are generally more difficult to pass than the CCNA certification exams. This is not only because you need to cover more content, but Cisco can also sometimes set questions that are subjective, i.e., as stated in a certification guide or data page somewhere.

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