How much does a will contest cost?

How much does a will contest cost?

$10,000 to $50,000
“A typical will contest will cost $10,000 to $50,000, and that’s a conservative estimate,” says Alexander A. Bove, Jr., an estate-planning attorney in Boston. A fight can easily take one to two years or longer, especially if the case goes to trial.

Who pays costs when contesting a will?

If the matter goes to a trial and is decided by a judge, then the judge will also decide who should pay the costs of the dispute. The usual rule is that the losing party will pay the winning party’s costs, although on some occasions the court can order that costs be paid by the deceased’s estate.

What happens if you win a will contest?

You need clear grounds to assess whether you have a fighting chance to contest a will. If you win, then you will get the assets you claimed. You will get the money you are owed and any real properties you are promised.

Do you have to pay legal fees if you contest a will?

It means that if the claim is not successful, the client will not need to pay any legal fees for trying to challenge the Will. The death of a loved one can be a difficult and stressful time, sometimes heightened if there has been complications with a Will. This is when the act of contesting a will can come into play.

Can a solicitor charge more if the price is not agreed?

Where a fixed price is quoted and accepted there is little potential for dispute; the client will pay that amount whatever the work undertaken (and the solicitor will not be able to charge more without the consent of the client). 2.7. Where a fixed price is not agreed the solicitor should provide an estimate of the cost of the work at the outset.

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