What to say to an employee who has been made redundant?

What to say to an employee who has been made redundant?

A simple acknowledgment of your feelings is enough. You might say, “I just heard the news, I’m shocked and so sorry” or “How can I help right now?” You can always offer more support later. Try to respond privately and one-to-one—ideally, face-to-face or, if the employee has left the workplace, by phone.

Can an employer make anyone redundant?

Your employer can declare your job redundant if the requirement for the work you are doing has either ceased or is diminishing. Redundancy is one of the statutory fair reasons for dismissal, but the employer must still ensure that there is a fair procedure leading to dismissal on these grounds.

Can a company hire new staff after making redundancies?

After making an employee redundant, you can rehire them or hire a new employee almost immediately. There is no strict period of time given for how long you need to wait. Unless there were exceptional conditions, you cannot make an employee redundant and then replace them. This is grounds for unfair dismissal.

Can you make someone redundant verbally?

It can be made in writing or can be verbal. It must give you enough details about the new job so you know what the difference is between your existing job and the new job.

How to make someone redundant in a small business?

If you’re looking for professional redundancy guidance tailored specifically to your small business, think about getting in touch with our HR Advice service. The way your company makes decisions about who is made redundant needs to be as transparent as possible. That is achieved via a redundancy consultation.

Can a company make an employee redundant face to face?

You can only make an employee redundant once you’ve finished consulting everyone. It’s best to tell an employee face-to-face that you’re making them redundant. You should also let them know in writing. You should include in the letter: You must give employees at least the statutory notice period. This is based on how long they’ve worked for you.

How do I tell my staff about redundancy?

It’s best to do this face to face, but if this is not possible, you should talk with them on a call. You should allow them to be accompanied at the meeting. For those selected for redundancy, you should also put the details of their redundancy in writing. This can be by letter or email.

When to pass on the news of redundancies?

One of the requirements of making redundancies is that the company must pass on the news as soon as possible after the decision has been made. Redundancies rarely come out of the blue. That’s why staff often sense something is going on well in advance of any announcement.

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