Can you move to Australia with a criminal conviction?

Can you move to Australia with a criminal conviction?

Enter Australia with a criminal record You may need to provide a police clearance from your country and your other countries of residence to us. You will not pass the character test if you hold a substantial criminal record. If you don’t pass the character test, you will not get a visa to enter Australia.

Can you work in Australia if you have a criminal record?

Any criminal convictions must be declared when applying for an Australian visa, however minor and regardless of how long ago they were incurred. Failure to do so, could mean that you are denied entry, even if you do have a visa.

Is it legal to emigrate from the UK to Australia?

We’re still here and operational! Emigration to Australia, UK Immigration, Defamation, Phone hacking & privacy, Litigation, Landlord & Tenant disputes. Please call 0207 427 5290 for Australian Immigration enquiries and 0207 427 5970 or for other legal matters, including UK Immigration & Visa matters.

Can a person with a criminal conviction travel to Australia?

Hi there, anyone wanting to travel to Australia with criminal convictions must contact the AU embassy in Auckland first before travelling to Australia. Depending on the nature of the conviction and the period of time the offence was comitted, they will determine what Visa is required. They take it on a case by case basis.

Which is the best solicitor to emigrate to Australia?

Our Australian Visa specialists at Emigrate to Australia, Taylor Hampton Solicitors, have up-to-date knowledge of Migration rules and know how to apply them to your individual circumstances. We are here to provide you with all you need to submit a strong and solid visa application to the Australian Immigration authorities.

What happens if you have a criminal record in Australia?

They will present the reply to the case officer. Australian Immigration may refuse the visa application and there is generally no appeal process. But, unless the case officer puts in place an exclusion notification, you can apply again. How long will it take to get a visa if you have criminal convictions?

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