Can you stay in Canada if you marry a Canadian?

Can you stay in Canada if you marry a Canadian?

If you and your spouse decide that you want to live in Canada, the spouse with Canadian citizenship or permanent residency can sponsor the other. There are several steps to take to begin the process but typically the answer is yes, you can live in Canada if you marry a Canadian.

Can I live in Canada if my child is Canadian?

Rights and Privileges of a Canadian-Born Child A child born in Canada is a Canadian citizen and is entitled to: Live in Canada or travel to Canada at any time without a visa. Receive free health care benefits, education and social benefits.

Can I bring my daughter to Canada?

You can bring family members with you to Canada if they were processed for permanent residence as your dependents. This includes: your spouse or common-law partner. a dependent child of a dependent child.

Does being born in Canada make you a Canadian citizen?

This means that if you are born in Canada, you are considered a Canadian citizen. Even the children of foreign nationals automatically become Canadians if they are born in Canada. You will first have to obtain permanent residence, then when you qualify you can apply to be naturalized as a citizen.

Is my child automatically a Canadian citizen?

Your child is not automatically a Canadian citizen if they’re an adopted child born outside Canada.

What is immediate family members in Canada?

An immediate family member is defined as a. spouse or common-law partner. dependent child (yours, your spouse’s or your common-law partner’s) dependent child of a dependent child. parent or step-parent (yours, your spouse’s or your common-law partner’s)

Can a Canadian citizen get married in Canada?

If you are planning to marry a Canadian citizen within Canada, this page will guide you through the process. To get married in Canada, you must know the requirements of the province you intend to get married in. Each province has different regulations that you must follow in order to get married.

When does an underage spouse become a spouse in Canada?

Once an underage spouse turns 18, they can be considered to be a member of the family class. This applies even if the spouse married at a younger age. For example, a person who was married at 16 is eligible to be sponsored as a spouse when they turn 18.

Can a Canadian spouse sponsor a Canadian citizen?

Your Canadian spouse can sponsor you to become a permanent resident if you don’t live in Canada, or aren’t a permanent resident You may apply for citizenship if you

Can You Bring your spouse back to Canada?

However, most Canadian citizens bring their spouse back home with them to Canada, which is a very specific and detailed process. Sponsorship applications, once properly completed, resemble the size of a phone book and contain detailed information about the couple, including pictures, correspondence, documents and many other details.

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