Is it double demerit points on Australia Day?

Is it double demerit points on Australia Day?

Only NSW and ACT have double demerit points in place during holiday periods, while Victoria has never had double demerits.

What does double demerits apply to?

Double demerit points apply for speeding, seatbelt, motorcycle helmet and mobile phone offences during some holiday periods such as long weekends, Christmas, New Year and Easter.

Is Australia Day double demerits Qld?

In Queensland, double demerit penalties apply all year round for repeat offenders of specific offences, and while WA uses double demerits in most holiday periods, they do not apply over the Australia Day long weekend. Victoria won’t be adopting the double demerit point approach at all.

How many demerit points do I lose for speeding in Victoria?

For example, the number of demerit points for a speeding charge depends on your speed. You could get between one and three demerit points for driving offences involving speeds of up to 25km/hour over the speed limit.

When do double demerit points go into effect in Australia?

Daily Mail Australia takes a state-by-state look at the road rules and whether double demerit points are in effect in your area. The long weekend runs from January 25 until January 27, with the Monday a public holiday as Australia Day falls on a Sunday.

What happens if you get double demerit for speeding?

You can easily lose your licence by being unaware of when double demerits apply or how many demerit points apply for speeding, for example. Not only that, your greenslip premium could go up too. Here’s what you need to know about demerit points to keep your greenslip price low.

How many demerit points do you get for speeding in Queensland?

Double demerit points apply in Queensland to drivers and motorcycle riders who commit more than 1 of the following speeding offences within a 12 month period: For example, if you commit a speeding offence of 25km/h over the speed limit, you will be allocated 4 demerit points for that offence.

When do you get double demerit points for a seatbelt offence?

Double demerit points also apply if more than one seatbelt offence occurs within a 12-month period. The additional demerit point penalty applies to driver-related offences for seatbelts. For example, if you commit a driver seatbelt offence where you failed to wear a seatbelt, you will be allocated 3 demerit points for that offence.

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