Can a company make you redundant at any time?

Can a company make you redundant at any time?

Your employer has to be reasonable when making you redundant. Your employer can make you redundant if they genuinely don’t need you to do your job and your skills are no longer needed. So, if you find out that someone else takes your job just after you’re made redundant, you could have a case for unfair redundancy.

What is a sham redundancy?

What is a sham redundancy? The first thing to ask when questioning a redundancy dismissal is whether there was a genuine redundancy situation in the first place. Sometimes businesses use redundancy as an excuse to hide unfair or discriminatory motives. That’s called a sham redundancy.

Do you get redundancy pay before 2 years?

You won’t get statutory redundancy pay if you: have worked in your job less than 2 years.

How long before you can recruit after redundancy?

Therefore, generally, you should not recruit into a role that you have made redundant for a minimum of 6 months after the termination date of the employee. The topics this post covers are: Making Sure You’re Using Redundancy Properly.

Do you get redundancy pay when you are made redundant?

If you or your job have been made redundant, you may be entitled to receive redundancy pay (also known as severance pay). In this article, we look at how you can calculate redundancy pay, and explain when employees have the right to receive it. The formula for calculating your redundancy payment entitlement is:

Do you get notice of termination if you are redundant?

other entitlements. If you have been made redundant and eligible for termination pay, your employer must still provide you with notice of termination. Here, your employer can work with you to figure out how long the notice period will be and pay you during this notice period in addition to any redundancy payments.

When do redundancies take place after 10 April 2005?

All redundancies notified after 10 April 2005 take account of absences from work over the last 3 years of service. Any absences outside of this 3-year period which ends on the date of termination of employment are disregarded. Any absence from work due to illness (see below for non-reckonable periods of illness)

Is there a rebate for redundancy after 1 January 2013?

As so often in employment law, the legislation is concerned with ensuring minimum rights, while allowing the parties to agree more substantial rights. Employer rebate abolition: There will be no statutory redundancy employer rebate where the date of dismissal due to redundancy is on or after 1 January 2013.

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