What does CV stand for in project management?

What does CV stand for in project management?

Cost variance

What is SPI stand for?

Serial Peripheral Interface

How do you get SPI?

The Formula for the Schedule Performance Index (SPI) You can find the Schedule Performance Index by dividing Earned Value by Planned Value. You can conclude that: The completed work is equal to the planned work if the SPI is equal to one; the project is on schedule.

How many questions are on the SPI exam?

110 questions

How much is the SPI exam?

The SPI examination fee is $225 USD, which includes a $100 USD non-refundable processing fee. If you take an ARDMS examination at an international test center (outside the U.S., Canada and Mexico), you will be charged an additional non-refundable $50 USD fee when you schedule your examination.

What is the highest paid sonographer?

Here are the highest-paying specialties for an ultrasound technician:Vascular sonography.OB/GYN sonography.Cardiac sonography.Pediatric cardiac sonography.Neuro sonography.

What is the passing score for SPI exam?

The SPI examination evaluates the adult echocardiography knowledge and skills you must demonstrate as a sonographer-level professional. The primary test result is a PASS or FAIL decision. In addition, you will receive a scaled score, ranging from 300 to 700. A scaled score of 555 is required to pass.

Is the sonography exam hard?

Difficult but Worth the Effort It takes two years to complete, but the degree from a CAAHEP accredited program qualifies the sonography student to take the ARDMS exams.

Who makes more money RN or ultrasound tech?

Average Pay Comparison Ultrasound technicians, also called diagnostic medical sonographers, received an average of $31.90 per hour or $66,360 per year. Registered nursing is a much larger profession; the BLS counted 2,633,980 registered nurses nationwide as of 2012, compared to 57,700 ultrasound technicians.

How long is schooling for Ultrasound Tech?

2 years

How do I become an OB GYN sonographer?

How to get certified in obstetric and gynecological ultrasound? To earn a Registered Diagnostic Medical Sonographer (RDMS) credential with an OB/GYN specialty, you must pass the Sonography Principles and Instrumentation (SPI) examination and the OB/GYN examination within five years.

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