What does a negative schedule variance mean?

What does a negative schedule variance mean?

In other words, it is the dollar value of the difference between the work scheduled for completion in a specified period and the work actually completed. A negative schedule variance means that a project is behind schedule, while a negative variance means that it is ahead of schedule.

What does negative revenue mean?

loss of revenue

Is a negative variance always adverse?

Variance analysis attempts to identify and explain the reasons for the difference between a budgeted amount and an actual amount. Variances can be adverse/unfavourable or favourable ie they can be positive or negative. A positive or a negative variance may be favourable or it may be adverse/unfavourable.

Which variance is always adverse?

Idle time variance

What is better a positive or negative variance?

In theory, the positive variances are good news because they mean spending less than budgeted. The negative variance means spending more than the budget.

What does a negative sigma mean?

A negative sigma value means that most of the process is performing outside your customer’s specification range (LSL and USL).

Can covariance be negative?

Covariance measures the directional relationship between the returns on two assets. A positive covariance means that asset returns move together while a negative covariance means they move inversely.

Can you have a negative z score?

1 Answer. Yes, a z-score with a negative value indicates it is below the mean. Z-scores can be negative, but areas or probabilities cannot be.

How do you solve a negative z score?

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What is the maximum Z score?

The standard normal distribution can range from −∞ to ∞ , but extreme values are highly unlikely. According to the empirical rule, about 68% of all z-scores will be between -1 and 1 (standard deviations from mean), 95% will be between -2 and 2, and 99.7% will be between -3 and 3.

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