How do I get a list of all my creditors?

How do I get a list of all my creditors?

Your credit report lists the amount owed on every account, along with its status and payment history, and contact information for the creditor handling the debt. Under federal law, you can obtain one free copy of your credit report every 12 months by visiting

What information does a creditors list include?

The creditor mailing list includes the names of your creditors and their mailing addresses. The bankruptcy court uses the list to provide all required notices to your creditors during your case, and failing to file it properly can cause problems with your discharge.

What is a creditor matrix?

A creditor matrix contains each creditor’s name and mailing address. This information is used for noticing and claims information. The debtor is required to provide a list of ALL creditors. PLEASE NOTE: DEBTORS WHO FAIL TO PROVIDE A PROPERLY FORMATTED MATRIX MAY BE REQUIRED TO RE-TYPE THE MATRIX.

Is a debtor an asset?

Debtors are shown as assets in the balance sheet under the current assets section while creditors are shown as liabilities in the balance sheet under the current liabilities section. Debtors are an account receivable while creditors are an account payable.

What creditor means?

A creditor is an entity (person or institution) that extends credit by giving another entity permission to borrow money intended to be repaid in the future. Creditors can be classified as either personal or real. People who loan money to friends or family are personal creditors.

How does a creditor mailing list ( matrix ) work?

The mailing list/matrix is a list of the names and addresses of creditors and parties in interest in a bankruptcy case. This information is used for noticing and also for claims information when applicable. The debtor is responsible for providing complete information on the matrix.

How many lines does a creditor list need?

Names and addresses should be left justified so they are flush against the left margin, with no leading blanks. The name and address of each creditor shall not be more than five (5) lines. Each line may contain no more than 40 characters including blank spaces.

When to file a verification of creditor matrix?

A “Verification of Creditor Matrix” form may be prepared and filed as a cover sheet to the Creditor Matrix. A supplemental or amended creditor (s) matrix shall include only new creditors (s) not previously submitted. Do not include creditor (s) submitted on a previous diskette.

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