How do you change a choke cable?

How do you change a choke cable?

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Why does my leaf blower dies when I give it gas?

The carburetor might be clogged. A clogged carburetor is most commonly caused by leaving fuel in the leaf blower for a long period of time. This sticky fuel can clog the fuel filter and cause the engine to stall. If old fuel was left in the leaf blower, drain the old fuel from the fuel tank and replace the fuel filter.

How many turns on a carburetor?

Verify carburetor is set to stock settings: Idle mixture screw, 11/4 turns from lightly seated. Idle speed screw, ½ turn clockwise from engagement point. Accelerator adjustment screw, two turns counter-clockwise from seated.

Why does my chainsaw bog down when I pull the trigger?

This is partly attributed to clogged filters because of long working hours, and less air supply to the carburetor. These can be accompanied by smoking as a result of rich fuel and oil mixture. The solution to this problem is using compressed air to clean the carburetor jets and passages.

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