What is bias in quality control?

What is bias in quality control?

Bias is a quantitative term describing the difference between the average of measurements made on the same object and its true value. Measurement assurance programs, where artifacts from a reference laboratory or other qualified agency are sent to a client and measured in the client’s environment as a ‘blind’ sample.

What is internal quality control?

Internal quality control (IQC) is a process for checking that the uncertainty at validation does not deteriorate after validation, that is, when the method is in routine use.

What is internal and external QC?

Internal and external quality control programs complement each other. Internal quality control monitors the daily precision and accuracy of methodologies, personnel, and instruments. External quality control maintains long term accuracy. Increased confidence in the accuracy of the laboratory’s testing results.

What is IQC process?

Incoming quality control (IQC) is the process of controlling the quality of materials and parts for manufacturing a product before production begins. With incoming inspection, you can control for quality even before conducting a first article inspection or a during production inspection.

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