What happens if you work illegally in China?

What happens if you work illegally in China?

The penalty for working illegally in China is a fine of up to 20,000RMB, detention up to 15 days and then deportation. Schools are also liable to be fined but in practice, the brunt of the punishment falls on the teachers.

What happens if you overstay visa in China?

If you stay on Chinese territory longer than the validity of your Chinese visa, you will not be allowed to leave the country. You will have to pay a fine, which increases per additional day of overstay. To leave the country, you will also need a new exit visa.

Can you work two jobs in China?

Foreigners are allowed to work second jobs on the Chinese mainland even if their Employment Permit is registered to another company. The authorities will have no issue with this.

Is China accepting foreign teachers?

You must hold a Bachelor’s Degree China has also decided it wants a certain foreign teacher to work there – one with a Bachelor’s Degree. The significant news is, however, that the degree can be in any subject. It does not need to be teaching or English specific at all.

What is the punishment for entering China illegally?

The normal punishment for illegal emigration is one month’s imprisonment, a fine of 10,000 yuan (approximately $1,200 U.S. – a prohibitive sum in China), plus the cost of room and board at the prison (1997, 50).

Is teaching English in China illegal?

It appears to have become very common (as a cost cutting measure) for schools to have teachers come to China and start their teaching on tourist visas, all the while claiming this is perfectly legal — it isn’t.

What is the penalty for entering China illegally?

For foreigners illegally residing in China, the New Law provides for the PSB to issue a warning. In serious circumstances, a foreigner may be fined between RMB500 and RMB10, 000 per day or detained for 5 to 15 days.

Can my employer cancel my visa in China?

They cannot cancel your residence permit unless you allow them to. There are many gray areas here and depending on who you are working for, your employer can make it either very easy for you to get a new teaching job, or make it almost impossible for you to get a new teaching job in China.

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