What are some of the legal consequences associated with binge drinking?

What are some of the legal consequences associated with binge drinking?

One of the most common legal problems associated with drinking is a DUI (driving under the influence) arrest….Legal consequences can include:

  • Jail time.
  • Loss of employment.
  • Loss of custody of children.
  • Court-ordered alcoholism treatment.

    How do you help someone who drinks and drives?

    Below are some tips to start a conversation and help avoid drinking-and-driving situations.

    1. Have a conversation. Plan a time when your loved one is sober to let them know that you believe they have a problem with drinking and driving.
    2. Check out our free infographic.
    3. Recommend they get professional help.
    4. Be supportive.

    What to say to someone who drinks and drives?

    In an intervention for drinking and driving, families can use statements such as the following:

    • “I am worried that you will harm someone while you drink and drive.”
    • “I fear that you’ll be arrested and lose your job for drinking and driving.”
    • “When you drink and drive, I don’t feel as though I am safe in the car.”

    Is binge drinking more harmful than regular drinking?

    Turns out, binge drinking one night a week is much worse for your body than consuming one serving of alcohol daily. With binge drinking, your body suffers from a high level of toxicity. In addition, it’s difficult for your body to metabolize high amounts of alcohol at one time.

    Is binge drinking heavy drinking?

    Heavy Drinking Defined Heavy drinking is defined as having five or more episodes of binge drinking in the past month.

    How do you get someone to realize they have a drinking problem?

    Things that can HELP:

    1. Choose a time when your loved one is not drinking and you’re both calm and focused.
    2. Express your concerns in a caring way.
    3. Encourage your loved one to open up about the reasons why they’re abusing alcohol.
    4. Consider staging a family meeting or an intervention if you’d rather not go it alone.

    What to say when someone is drinking too much?

    Things you might say:

    1. ‘I’m a bit worried about your drinking. ‘
    2. ‘I want to talk to you about something: I feel that your drinking is causing you some problems. ‘
    3. ‘You seem to be drinking more lately and I think it’s having a bad effect on us. ‘
    4. ‘The family cannot afford the money you spend on alcohol. ‘

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