What is the purpose of a family assessment?

What is the purpose of a family assessment?

It helps providers understand the family’s strengths, goals, and priorities. It helps identify the family system and resources. It helps to reflect the voices and choices of the family. It reflects the families’ needs so that intervention can be tailored to address those needs.

What makes a good child and family assessment?

The assessment should be holistic, draw together a family history with reference to prior information and chronologies and recognise the existing strengths and skills of the child and family. Its purpose is to identify the child’s and other family members’ needs and agree on the desired outcome of any involvement.

How are psychological reports used in the family court?

Psychological reports and the Family Court Stephen Wildblood QC A Story •A Local Authority v M •[2014] EWFC B158 The point •This case is another example of how important it is that, if therapy is needed, it is obtained at an early stage.

What do you need to know about a family report?

What is a Family Report? A Family Report is a document written by a family consultant appointed by the Court. It provides an independent assessment of the issues in the case and can help the judge hearing the case to make decisions about arrangements for the child/ren. It may also help the parties reach an agreement.

Can a family consultant report to the court?

This means the court can order one or more of the parties to attend their family consultant appointments, and to make arrangements to ensure children attend their appointments. If a party fails to comply with one of these orders or if a child fails to attend their appointment, the family consultant must report this failure to the court.

When does the court receive a family report?

The court may receive the family report as evidence in parenting proceedings under section 62G Family Law Act 1975 and Rule 15.04 Family Law Rules 2004. The family report is only one piece of evidence the court may consider when making decisions and judges can decide whether to accept or reject the family consultant’s recommendations.

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