Can a tenant speak at a strata committee meeting?

Can a tenant speak at a strata committee meeting?

If registered tenants make up more than 50% of the occupants of a Scheme, they can nominate a tenant to be their representative on the strata committee. However, whilst the representative can speak at the meetings, they similarly do not have voting rights and can also be excluded when certain financial matters are to be discussed.

Who are the members of the body corporate committee?

A person may hold all or any 2 executive positions. For schemes under the Small Schemes Module, the committee consists of a maximum of 2 members. It will only include a secretary and treasurer. A person may hold both positions at the same time. For schemes under the Specified Two-lot Schemes Module there is no committee.

What’s the maximum number of committee members you can have?

If there are less than 7 lots, the maximum is the same as the number of lots. This is called the ‘required number of committee members’. The committee will usually include a chairperson, secretary and treasurer (known as the executive positions).

Can a tenant attend a owners corporation meeting?

However, if a tenant is registered with the owners corporation they can attend meetings of the owners corporation. They do not have voting rights, and must be given permission to speak, and can be excluded when certain financial issues are to be discussed.

What’s the difference between a lot and a strata scheme?

Frequently asked questions – Strata schemes. 1 Common property. The major difference between owning a house and owning a unit or apartment (known as a ‘lot’) in a strata scheme, is that the 2 Owner’s corporation and by-laws. 3 Meetings of the owners corporation. 4 Strata committee. 5 Repairs and maintenance.

What does it mean to be on a strata title?

When you own a unit, you are on a strata title, which means the flat belongs to you but ownership of the common property is shared with the different owners. It also means that you will belong to a body corporate and must comply with certain bylaws.

Who is the owner of a strata property?

A strata owner owns the strata lot and a proportionate share of the common property. The Schedule of Unit Entitlement (UE) determines, among other things, what this proportionate share is in terms of strata fees and any special levies. The Schedule of UE is found in the strata plan.

Where are strata properties located in British Columbia?

Comox Valley strata properties are fairly common in the Town of Comox and the City of Courtenay. The word condominium is used synonymously with strata property in British Columbia. Strata properties are very common in British Columbia and in the Comox Valley real estate market.

What does it mean to live in a strata scheme?

Living in a strata scheme means that you own your apartment, or ‘lot’, and share ownership of the building’s common areas with your fellow tenants. The laws governing strata schemes vary slightly from state to state. When you buy into a strata scheme, you also buy into an owners corporation. What is an owners corporation?

What are the different types of strata buildings?

Strata titled buildings can be residential in form, and include: 1 Units 2 High-rises / Low-rises 3 Duplexes 4 Townhouses, or 5 Villas

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