Can me and my partner get a mortgage?

Can me and my partner get a mortgage?

A joint mortgage is when you apply to borrow money to buy a home with someone else, like your partner, a friend or a relative. This means that if one you is unable to pay your share of the monthly mortgage payment, the other person has to pay the whole amount.

Can I get a joint mortgage if my partner has bad credit?

Can we still get a mortgage if my partner has bad credit? Yes. The majority of high-street lenders will perform a credit check for a joint mortgage and will score the mortgage application jointly, so borrowers must meet a joint credit score needed for the mortgage to be approved.

Should I put my partner on the mortgage?

So there’s no real need to add your partner on the mortgage if you’re married. In the event of death of the deed holder, the property will automatically pass from one spouse to the other, and provided life cover was in place to repay the mortgage there would be no advantage to adding a partner to it.

How does a joint mortgage with another person work?

What is a joint mortgage? You can buy a property with one or more other people by getting a mortgage in the names of both or all of you. Everyone named on the mortgage is responsible for making repayments. You can decide between you how you share the equity in the property.

Can a unmarried couple get a joint mortgage?

Unmarried couples are able to apply for a joint mortgage. Some lenders will even allow groups of up to four people to buy a property together. If you and a group of friends wanted to purchase a property you will all live in together, a joint mortgage could be one option.

How can I buy someone out of a joint mortgage?

If you want to buy someone out of a joint mortgage, you will need to buy them out of the property and arrange for a ‘Notice of Correction’ to take their name off the mortgage. You’ll need to have the property valued so that you can work out how much equity each of you has in the property.

Can a self employed person get a joint mortgage?

If you can increase this amount to 15-20% of the property value, you are more likely to be accepted and to be offered a good deal. Applying for a joint mortgage when one person is self employed might be a little bit more complicated, but it’s certainly not impossible.

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