When does a stepmother take away your dad?

When does a stepmother take away your dad?

During the teenage years, it can get very derisive. Each time the dad sides with the stepmother, the child is left standing alone. In some cases children decide to live with the other parent and find a real home there. When no other parent is available, children leave the home early and make an effort to find their way solo or with friends.

Why does a stepmother not believe her husband?

She achieves this two faced role with great cunning. Because she has such a tight grip on her husband (As far as he is concerned his wife can do no wrong) the father will not believe his own children when they tell him they are being treated cruelly. The stepmother’s psychological brainwashing on her spouse works like a charm.

Who is the Russian blogger marrying her stepson?

The popular Russian blogger is gearing up to marry her stepson after recently divorcing his dad. Pictured, with her former husband Alexey, 45 In the controversial Instagram post, Balmasheva shared a snap of her posing next to little Vladimir 13 years ago when he was just seven-years-old.

Can a narcissistic stepmother take your father away?

I have communication with adult children of narcissistic stepmothers who remember the ordeals they endured under her watch. They lost their childhoods and the deep caring and loving of a real father. Many of them still say that their narcissistic stepmother “took dad away” from them.

When did your step-mother die and what happens to her estate?

One possible scenario is this: when your step-mom died intestate in Jan 2008 her estate assets should have been split between her husband (your father) and her children – how much each gets depends on the specific rules of her state of residence. Is this the portion that her children are now demanding?

Do you have legal rights to step-fathers estate?

He also left no will. There are 2 children of lineal descent from my dad, me and his son. Now these ‘children’ have taken us to court saying they have a right to 1/3 of their mothers ‘personal estate’ and the judge has agreed. The thing is we have given them all of their mothers possessions and they keep asking for more.

Can a step mother change a father’s will?

Without some writing from Dad allowing Step-Mom to change his testamentary plan after his death the change would be a serious felony of forgery and perhaps implicate some type of identify theft and false-pretense felony crimes. No. Step mother cannot change your father’s will without his permission or authority granted by a court.


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