What happens after a lockout?

What happens after a lockout?

The landlord must hold on to the items for 15 days after the sheriff lockout takes place and give the tenant an opportunity to reclaim the items at a mutually convenient time. The landlord should not allow the tenant unsupervised access to the property, nor should the landlord give a key to the tenant.

How long can a lockout last?

2 years
While the strike or lockout ends after 2 years, the union’s certification is unaffected and remains in place and a new notice to commence collective bargaining must be served. Once a dispute is over, employees normally return to work. This return can happen in a number of ways.

Is unlawful detainer same as eviction?

Unlawful detainers are eviction proceedings against tenants who have failed to pay rent or have violated their lease. How to bring or defend an unlawful detainer is something both landlords and tenants should know.

Can a employer uphold a lock out notice?

The employer can uphold the lock-out until such time that the employees have unconditionally agreed to the employer’s demands. This was demonstrated in National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa and Others v Bumatech Calcium Aluminates (J 303/16) [2018] ZALCJHB 364 (9 November 2018).

Why did NUMSA receive a lock out notice?

NUMSA subsequently served the employer with a strike notice. NUMSA’s members thereafter embarked on a protected strike. In its application before the court, NUMSA submitted that the employer’s lock-out was unlawful because it had addressed a letter to the employer requesting a meeting with the view of resolving the dispute between the parties.

When to lock out employees under the LRA?

A lock-out, if implemented in compliance with the procedural and substantive requirements under the Labour Relations Act, No 66 of 1995 (LRA), may continue until such time as the employer and the employees reach an agreement on the issues in dispute, alternatively, until such time that the employer decides to uplift the lock-out.

Can a lock out be implemented in response to a strike?

If the lock-out had been implemented in response to a strike by employees, and the employees subsequently abandon their strike action and tender their services to the employer, the employer is not obliged to accept the tender.

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