How many children does my partner have now?

How many children does my partner have now?

Have been with a lovely guy for two years (he’s early 50s, I’m late 40s – both never married before), talking about marriage and getting a house together. He has two children in their 20s (I have no children and am happy with that) and he still has the family home – daughter has returned, son has moved out.

What happens when partner has grown up children?

His family (sisters) have told him the kids are grown up and to move on, that he’s molly coddled for too long. Don’t have friends of my age who have just met partners with older children to draw on. Ex had girlfriend before me. She told the children to grow up, respect Dad and they hated her for it, plus she had her own child…

Is it true my daughter has a boyfriend?

Daughter has boyfriend, a bit up and down. No plans for us all to move in together. Daughter moved out, had row with flatmate and now back. Photos – everywhere – 5 in bedroom (one of son), lots more around the sitting room, hallway, bathroom, loo…

What does my partner’s daughter do with his money?

Son has nothing to do with her, daughter sees her occasionally (though receives money from her, son does not). I’ve been very careful not to crash into a family unit which is also why I have retained my own place. Kids have said to partner and his family they are very happy for him.

How are my kids doing with my partner?

Kids have said to partner and his family they are very happy for him. We do sometimes all go out as a family or in a bigger family group. Son gave me a very hard time at first, but am pleased to say we have turned a corner and we get on well, he asks for advice, texts me etc. Think he was testing me and making sure I was sound. It’s positive.

Do you want your partner’s children to come first?

I have no children, but changed my whole life and moved city to be closer to my partner and put him first in my life. I understand the unique bond of a parent and child, though at the same time would like to feel that I might come first at some point. Any advice out there?

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