Can we say good afternoon 4 pm?

Can we say good afternoon 4 pm?

7 Answers. Both “Good afternoon” and “Good evening” are perfectly appropriate greetings at 6pm. Pick one, and don’t overanalyze it. If you say “Good evening” at 4pm, or “Good afternoon” at 8pm, you might get funny looks, but near the boundary, either is fine.

Is Good afternoon formal?

Yes, “good afternoon” sounds a bit more formal, but that doesn’t make it FORMAL, just somewhat more formal than HI.

How do you greet at 4.30 pm?

You are permitted to use “Good afternoon!” until sunset. Immediately the sun has set such that it is civil twilight and no sooner, you may commence greeting others with “Good evening!” in place of “Good afternoon!”.

What can I say instead of good afternoon?

What is another word for good afternoon?

greetings hi
sup yo
salutations gidday
alo bonjour
hallo shalom

What do you greet at 3pm?

Usually, you say “good afternoon from 12.00 noon to 16.59. So if the time is around 2pm to 3.30pm, you say “good afternoon”. We should greet “Good Afternoon” at 12.00p.m to 4.00 p.m.

When to use happy afternoon or Good Afternoon?

The happy afternoon quotes will do just fine, and also good afternoon messages will come in handy when you realize that it is time to check up on the and it is past morning where you need to send good morning text messages already.

Do you capitalize the word Good Afternoon in a sentence?

Greeting someone in the afternoon with a “Good Afternoon” is a great way to sound friendly and caring. But knowing whether and when the phrase is capitalized is challenging. So, Is Good Afternoon Capitalized? So, Is Good Afternoon Capitalized? Generally, the phrase “good afternoon” is not capitalized when used in a sentence.

When to say Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Evening?

Good Morning: 00.01 to 11.59. Good Afternoon: 12.01 to around 16.00. Good Evening: 16.00 to 23.59. Good Night : This is a farewell messages especially when you are taking leave of someone especially in the evening. It should never be used as a greeting; As above, even at 23.59 we greet him with “Good Evening”.

When do the greetings ( good morning, afternoon, and evening ) change?

Momentum Dashboard’s daily greetings are set to change at the following times: Good Morning 5:00 AM — 11:59 AM Good Afternoon 12:00 PM — 4:59 PM Good Evening 5:00 PM — 4:59 AM What is Momentum Dashboard? Momentum is a free Google Chromeand Firefox add-on that breathes life into your New Tab page.

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