What are the responsibilities of a subcontractor?

What are the responsibilities of a subcontractor?

A subcontractor may have a team of workers. It’s the responsibility of the subcontractor to hire and pay them and deal with any employment issues for these workers. The contractor has no authority over them. It’s the duty of the subcontractor to pass on important information to them and supervise their work.

What is subcontractor exposure?

What is a subcontractor exposure? Independent subcontractor exposures occur when a subcontractor is working on a project managed by you. They may be hired directly by you or a subcontractor to a subcontractor.

Who are the employees of a subcontractor?

The subcontractor employs or is deemed to employ workers who carry out the work. The work done is in connection with and is “an aspect of the work” of the “business undertaking” of the principal contractor.

Can a subcontractor refuse to take on a contract?

The contractor can impose certain requirements within the contract. This would include work to be done, time frame, price, etc but the subcontractor has to agree to this. They could refuse to take on this contract. Will the employee or subcontractor debate get worse?

How are subcontractors liable to pay for workers compensation?

All the subcontractor’s workers compensation premiums are paid (a copy of any certificate of currency is to be obtained and attached). Whether the subcontractor is itself a principal contractor. If the subcontractor is itself a principal contractor, it must state whether it has been given a statement by its own subcontractors.

Can a contractor make more money than a subcontractor?

Subcontractors can be very effective workers, but contractors must be organized planners and effective managers. This is what entitles contractors to earn profits on the work of the subcontractors that they deal with. As a contractor, it is important to make careful decisions when hiring a subcontractor.

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