Can a ex Stop Me from seeing my child?

Can a ex Stop Me from seeing my child?

Technically yes, your ex can stop you from seeing your son. This of course falls out of any legal requirement, but does fall short of laws relating to your child i.e. they have the right to parents. If this is how your ex is playing it, and believe me you are not alone on this. I would recommend raising a Contact Order through the courts.

Can a court stop a parent from seeing their child?

However, unless there are any safeguarding concerns, the court encourages relationships between the child and both parents. Therefore, in most situations you will be granted some kind of contact, unless it can be proven you will pose a risk to, or harm, your child. When can the court stop access?

Why did I stop seeing my young son?

I went from the mindset of being a father to the child, to being reduced to the status of a ‘visiting uncle’ or a ‘Disneyland dad’ allied with thinking all the time like an attorney. I was often worried what would happen if she started to make untrue claims that I had (for example) abused the child.

What to do if your ex is denying your child visitation rights?

If your ex is concerned that your kids don’t have their own bedrooms or that they’re sleeping on air mattresses, talk through any plans you have to move into a larger place or what you’re doing to make ‘camping’ on the floor temporarily fun and safe. Clarify boundaries with new partners.

How can I Stop my partner from having access to my child?

If this happens, your main priority should be the welfare of your child. You and your partner might agree the time you will spend with your child and want to make this legally binding. If you cannot agree, you will need a court order. The best option for your child is always a harmonious out-of-court agreement.

Can a parent stop a child from seeing the other parent?

There are no parenting orders yet. I don’t want to go to court. I just want to see my kids. I’m a parent too, but she’s calling all the shots like I don’t exist.” Can a parent stop a child from seeing the other parent?” Getting separated and/or divorced is a difficult process in itself, but it becomes even more difficult when children are involved.

What happens to the children when a couple separates?

The common arrangement made with regard to the children when a couple separates is that they live with one party, usually the mother, and stay with the father on alternate weekends and for one half of the school holidays.

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