Can Body Corp ban dogs?

Can Body Corp ban dogs?

The body corporate cannot unreasonably withhold consent to a pet application, especially if the applicant has met all the requirements. Adjudicators of several recent cases have also determined that by-laws that outrightly prohibit pets are invalid as they are considered ‘harsh, unconscionable and oppressive’ by-laws.

Can strata ban pets Qld?

In Queensland, the banning of all pets, as well as banning dogs of a certain size or weight by bodies corporate has been ruled invalid. The primary issue for a body corporate considering a pet application is the likelihood of an adverse impact on common property or any person.

Can a body corporate say no to a pet request?

There have been circumstances where a body corporate’s decision to say no to a pet request has been upheld by adjudicators. The adjudicators considered the impact of the pets on other owners when they made their decisions. In these applications other owners provided evidence that they suffered from severe allergies or phobias to dogs.

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Can a guide dog be taken into a body corporate?

If you have a disability under the Guide, Hearing and Assistance Dogs Act 2009 and rely on your animal, you do not need to ask permission before bringing a dog into a body corporate property. Find out more about where you can take your guide dog.

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