What are the problems with neighbours who are renting?

What are the problems with neighbours who are renting?

They play loud music, have domestic fights at least 3 times a week and they leave rubbish out the front which birds spread everywhere. I have called their property manager twice now (my property manager has been trying to get in contact with them for over a month too) and all she says “there’s nothing I can do”.

What should I do if my neighbour makes noise in my house?

Should negotiations between the tenant and the neighbour or between the landlord and the tenant not work, the complainant or landlord can choose to go down a more formal route or consider some of the various technical building-related solutions outlined in this article. Have you had a problem with noise?

What to do if your neighbour is harassing you?

If you know your neighbour is renting and who from, talk to their landlord first – this might be a private landlord, housing association or the council. If that doesn’t sort out the problem you can go to the council if you haven’t already talked to them. Check their website for how to complain about anti social behaviour.

Where can I find out what my Neighbour is doing to my house?

You can find the homeowner’s information through the county assessor’s office. Discuss the financial impact. If you are trying to sell your home then it is perfectly fine to communicate urgency, while also communicating that the problem may affect the value of your home.

What to do if you have bad neighbours in your apartment?

Consider calling the landlord. If you live in an apartment building, it may time to get the landlord involved. Call the landlord and explain how your neighbor is disturbing the peace in your living space. Depending on the infraction, the landlord might decide that he or she has grounds to evict the bad neighbors.

Is the Residential Tenancies Act applicable to neighbours?

The Residential Tenancies Act (which the Property Manager is bound by) is really only dealing with issues between landlord and tenant, not neighbours. Keep on complaining and if the property manager is doing their job, they will pass on the complaint to the owner.

What to do if your neighbor rents from a different landlord?

Contact Your Neighbor’s Landlord for Help. If your troublesome neighbor rents from a different landlord, consider contacting that landlord, as well. Depending on where you live, your neighbor’s landlord may have a legal responsibility to take action, especially if it’s a serious situation, such as drug dealing on rental property.


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