What happens when your RV is repossessed?

What happens when your RV is repossessed?

If you simply stop payments, they will eventually get the message and repossess the RV (sometimes lenders take a bit longer to repossess an RV than a car). After it is repossessed, the RV will be placed for auction or other type of sale. Normally, it will be sold for less than the sum owed.

Is there a luxury tax on motorhomes in California?

And there is nothing illegal about it. In California, where a majority of RV buyers are escaping a sales tax as high as 8.75 percent, depending on where the buyer lives, law enforcement officials and lawmakers are crying foul at this loophole.

Do you need a special license to drive an RV in CA?

States that require a special (non-commercial) driver’s license. California – Need Class B Non-Commercial License if vehicle is between 40 and 45 feet long. New York – Need Class B Non-Commercial License if vehicle is more than 26,000 pounds; requires an “R” recreational vehicle endorsement.

What is the best state to register an RV?

Because, after all, finding the cheapest state to register your RV can be the ticket to getting the best deal on your RV. And that state is Montana. With no sales tax, no wheel tax, no personal property tax, and low registration fees, Montana is by far the cheapest state in which to register an RV.

Do you need a license to drive a motorhome?

Here is the simple answer: You don’t need a special license to drive most motorhomes. If you’re driving any vehicle under 26,000 pounds — and most RV classes are — you are clear to drive with a regular operator’s driver’s license according to current DMV laws in all 50 states. Let’s look at the exceptions, which are based on the motorhome’s weight.

Which is the best type of motorhome to buy?

The Winnebago tour coach is most recommended to those people who are planning to spend more time in their motorhomes. You even cannot get a more comfortable and luxurious traveling experience than a Class A. The heavy-duty frame makes it more strong and enhances its durability as well.

What kind of license do you need to drive an RV in California?

2020 DMV regulations: states and situations that require special licenses California: You need a Class B non-commercial license to drive a vehicle weighing over 26,000 pounds Maryland: You need a Class B non-commercial license to drive a vehicle weighing over 26,000 pounds

Why did Alyssa and I buy an RV?

Somehow I landed an amazing wife, Alyssa, who challenged me to dream big and not to worry about what other people think. We faced a decision to either stay in Austin with our comfortable jobs or buy an RV and hit the road on an epic 50 state road trip.

Is there a down payment on a take over payment RV?

Looking for a serious person to take over the payment’s and can put a good down payment. No credit check, no hidden fee’s. Standard Equipment Plus: Stacked washer/dryer, dish washer, 2 way refer (gas/elect),satelite antenna on roof, 200w solar system, and heat pump added. Only 500 miles. (to much hassle for this 86 year old man).

Is it safe to take a trailer to the repair shop?

There are several reports of the inner walls being bent and rendering the trailer unsafe.’ Also, there are reports of poor customer service and the company failing to honor their warranties. With most parts poorly constructed, you have to take it to the repair shop too many times, and that is disappointing and expensive.

What are the problems with a travel trailer?

Some of the complaints include: 1 Poor after-sale services 2 Battery and charging problems 3 The seat covers deteriorate fast especially in warm regions 4 Water damage 5 Problems with honoring of warranty 6 Leveling 7 system doesn’t work well 8 Poor customer service

Is it safe to buy a travel trailer?

Although the users of this travel trailer share divided opinions, the RV doesn’t have glowing reviews all over. Soon after buying it and after getting it home, you will realize that you paid for more than you should. Not because it looks terrible but because most parts do not function as they should.

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