How long do the CSA have to collect arrears?

How long do the CSA have to collect arrears?

Generally speaking, there is no time limit on when the CMS or CSA can collect your arrears. Usually, they will try to collect it within two years of you falling behind with your payments. However, this isn’t always possible.

What happens when CSA take you to court?

Taking court action is expensive and you could end up: paying your legal costs, CMS’ legal costs and the child maintenance you owe. being forced to sell your property to get the money you owe.

Can child maintenance take you to court?

CMS can take you to court over unpaid child maintenance. They can apply for a court order to take legal action. If the court grants the order, CMS can then legal action against you.

How do the child maintenance service collect arrears?

The CMS can try to get the arrears from the other parent’s earnings, benefits, or bank or building society account. If that doesn’t clear the arrears, the CMS can apply to court for a ‘liability order’. This means they can ask bailiffs to take goods from the other parent and sell them.

Can a debt be written off by the CSA?

This debt cannot be collected by the CSA. If the debt is less than £65 it will be automatically written off and we will not write to you. If you need more information about historical debt please contact the Child Support Agency or Child Maintenance Service.

How to collect debt from Child Support Agency?

the debt has built up under the CSA (it may have now moved to the Child Maintenance Service ( CMS) as part of a CSA case closure) You’ll be able to ask us to try and collect this debt. You’ll need to complete the form sent with the letter or write to us separately if you want us to try and collect the debt. This is called ‘making representation’.

How does the CSA enforce payment of child maintenance?

The CSA can use a range of methods to collect current payments. If the steps above aren’t successful, the CSA has a range of legal enforcement powers it can use. The CSA may have to apply to court to use some of these powers. Only one method can be used at a time. Maintenance payments are taken directly from the parent’s wages.

Do you need a child support calculation with the CSA?

You must have a child support calculation with the CSA before it can help you. It cannot enforce private arrangements for child support and cannot get back any arrears owed before you started using its services. If you don’t have a case with the CSA or the Child Maintenance Service see our information on making arrangements for child maintenance.

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