What do I need to know about independent contractors in Australia?

What do I need to know about independent contractors in Australia?

If you need support to resolve a dispute, contact the Australian Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman (ASBFEO) who can assist on issues such as recovering unpaid invoices. Independent contractors have different obligations and rights to employees because they are running their own business.

How is superannuation paid to independent contractors in Australia?

For more information on when superannuation is paid by the contractor or the hirer visit the Australian Taxation Office . Independent contractors don’t get other entitlements that employees get such as leave and notice of termination unless they negotiate for these entitlements to be included in their contract.

How to pay your employees and contractors overseas?

Paying your employees or contractors located overseas, while ensuring your company remains compliant with tax and social security can be challenging. Below are 3 steps you can take to successfully employ people overseas: 1. Taxes for Overseas Contractors and Employees

Can a company hire an employee as an independent contractor?

dismiss an employee and hire them as an independent contractor to do the same work. Sham contracting can be done intentionally or carelessly by an employer. These types of arrangements are sometime set up by employers who are seeking to avoid responsibility for paying legal entitlements to employees.

Is there a 90 day exemption for contractors?

Read the public ruling on the contractors 90-day exemption (PTA035) for more information. Contracts for services of a kind usually needed by the business for less than 180 days in a financial year are exempt relevant contracts. It is the type of service required by the business that is relevant, so it doesn’t matter:

How often does a contractor have to provide services to the public?

The contractor must actually provide services to the public, simply being available to provide them is not sufficient. the business claiming the exemption for an average of 10 days or less per month (excluding the months in which no services were provided).

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