What is plain English law?

What is plain English law?

The premise behind the plain English movement is that legal documents ought to be plainer–and more comprehensible–to the average person. The first major struggle in England was to get legal texts into English, the language of the people, rather than French or Latin.

Should the legal profession use plain English?

overall lawyers’ language should be presented in plain language. legalese isn’t necessary as plain language can be just as precise. the use of plain language is important to legal writing. plain language is considered to language that’s easily understood and clear to the targeted readers.

What is plain English Australia?

Plain language involves writing clearly so readers can find, understand and use the information they need from one reading. The Plain English Foundation describes the key features as a combination of “clear, concise expression; an effective structure and good document design.”

Why plain English is important?

Plain language means readers understand your documents more quickly. Readers call less often for explanations. They make fewer errors filling out forms. They comply more accurately and quickly with requirements.

Why should lawyers write in plain English?

Members of the public – particularly those with no legal learning – prefer plain legal language. If they are clients, it gives them a better chance to understand the legal consequences of the documents they sign; if they are citizens, it gives them a better chance to understand the laws that bind them.

Can legal documents be written in plain English?

The American Bar Association passed this resolution advising federal agencies to write regulations in plain language. The Office of the Federal Register provides excellent guidance on Drafting Legal Documents.

Why is it important to present in clear English?

Benefits of Clear Communication It saves time and money by reducing mistakes and misunderstandings. It improves customer service and satisfaction. It reaches more people. It streamlines procedures and paperwork.

Why do they call it plain English in Canada?

The expression “plain English” has been adopted by movements in the USA, the UK, Canada and Australia. In Canada they call it “plain language” because their laws are bilingual. There are different approaches, but the aim is the same: to simplify all official writing by removing unnecessary obscurity and complexity. 11.

What does it mean to write in plain language?

By “plain language” I mean language that is clear and idiomatic – for those who write in the English language, “plain language” is modern, standard English. For some, “plain language” carries connotations of “dumbing down” the language – a kind of Dick-and-Jane style of writing that panders to the lowest common denominator.

What’s the difference between easy English and plain language?

Easy English is a more technical writing style. It’s based on years of consumer feedback and clinical practice. It’s similar to plain language in that it’s concise and easy to understand, but it also follows specific grammatical rules and includes images to support key messages.

Which is the best guide to plain language?

In content with many specialist terms, reserve shortened forms for the most frequently used terms only. Spell out other terms in full. The digital edition has practical guidance on plain language. It relates plain language to writing in the English language. The sixth edition and Content Guide referred to ‘plain English’ only.

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