How do you deal with an oversharing coworker?

How do you deal with an oversharing coworker?

Here’s how to deal with oversharers at work (and how to tell if you’re one of them).

  1. Don’t engage with them. Do your best not to engage with oversharers.
  2. Politely let them know you must get back to your work.
  3. Redirect the conversation.
  4. Respectfully decline meetups outside of the workplace.
  5. Refer them to a professional.

How do I report a disrespectful co-worker?

To make your complaint, try using a technique called “I-statements”. With an I-statement, you focus on the problem you’re having instead of what’s wrong with your coworker, then you ask for what you need. A well-worded I-statement, delivered in a friendly tone, doesn’t sound at all confrontational.

Should you talk about your personal life at work?

As any other type of personal relationship, sharing aspects of your personal life can help you connect and better understand each other. This bond is proven to be important to success and satisfaction at work, so it’s worth thinking about it.

What not to talk about with coworkers?

10 Topics to Avoid Discussing at Work

  • Politics/Current Events.
  • Religion.
  • Co-Worker, Manager and Work Leadership Problems.
  • Family Problems.
  • Financial Problems.
  • Relationship Issues.
  • Health Issues.
  • Controversial Hobbies and Involvements.

Why are people at work so nosy?

You may feel they’re being nosy or intrusive, but perhaps it’s their way of getting to know you better. If the nosiness relates to work, the person may be worried about the success of a project you’re working on and wants to ensure things are getting done properly.

When do you know you have a problem with a coworker?

If you hear someone constantly bringing everyone down by saying, “I know the prospective client isn’t going to sign with us,” or “We’re definitely going to lose that client,” you know you’re working with a negative coworker. When this person raises problems (and you know they will), ask them for more details.

What should I do if my co-worker yells at me?

In fact, it may bring to light ways in which you’re no longer willing to be mistreated (such as being yelled at or criticized), revealing how you may need to create stronger personal boundaries in relationships, including those with co-workers or your boss.

How to deal with a coworker who thinks they are your boss?

Grab some coffee together. Go out for a few beers. Eat lunch together. You’ll be shocked by how much one-on-one time can strengthen your relationship. Use reflective listening. When they say “you’re going to see client A on Tuesday” just repeat that back to them with a little twist: “so you’re telling me that I’m going to see client A on Tuesday?”

What to do when a colleague annoys you?

If a colleague annoys you because he’s always stealing the spotlight, consider if it’s touching a concern you have about coming off as cocky if you did the same. Now flip the script: Instead of simmering in upset, question if learning to do a better job of trumpeting your own achievements is something you want to work on.

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