Are HR professionals covered by an award?

Are HR professionals covered by an award?

Many managers and professionals have not traditionally been covered by awards. This includes accountants and finance, marketing, legal, human resources, public relations and information technology specialists.

What award is a receptionist under?

AN120664: Clerical and Administrative Employees (State) Award. About this Award: Formerly award 135 Serial C4375 of the Industrial Relations Commission of New South Wales.

What does rate from Ffppoa mean?

from first pay period
FFPPOA means from first pay period on or after. Sample 1. Save.

How are health professionals and Support Services Award 2010?

Health Professionals and Support Services Award 2010 A casual employee who works on a Saturday or Sunday will be paid a loading of 75% for all time worked instead of the casual loading of 25%. 5.4 Breaks

What are health professionals and support services employees?

Classification definitions for Support Services employees and Health Professional employees are set out in Schedule B of the award. 4.2 Minimum wages Refer to clause 14 of the award for current wage rates of Support Services employees. Refer to clause 15 of the award for current wage rates of Health Professional employees.

Who is covered by the health professional award?

4.4 This award covers any employer which supplies on-hire employees in classifications set out in clause 17 — Minimum rates for Health Professional employees and those on-hire employees,if the employer is not covered by another modern award containing a classification which is more appropriate to the work performed by the employee.

How much does health professional support services cost?

Support services employee level 9 – pay point 2 $1,165.20 $30.66 $35.26 $45.99 $45.99 Support services employee level 9 – pay point 3 $1,174.40 $30.91 $35.55 $46.37 $46.37 Health professional employee level 1 – pay point 1 (UG 2 qualification) $920.60 $24.23 $27.86 $36.35 $36.35

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