What does it mean to have permanent residency in Australia?

What does it mean to have permanent residency in Australia?

An Australian permanent residency visa allows a person to live and work in Australia indefinitely. The visa holder and his or her family can move in an out of Australia as they wish.

Can a spouse of an Australian citizen live in Australia?

The visas for spouses or Partner Migration Spouse are directed to all of those immigrants who have got married in their countries of origin with an Australian citizen or with a foreign person who has the condition of a permanent resident in Australia, and who wishes to reside in the Australian continent with his husband or wife.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of getting married in Australia?

Advantages and disadvantages of getting married with an Australian citizen to obtain the permanent residency : Visas for couples or Partner Migration are part of the Australian Migration Program and it allows spouses and future marriages to be sponsored by Australian citizens or legal residents, including couples of the same sex.

Is it possible to get a marriage visa in Australia?

Yes, the Prospective Marriage Visa allows the fiancé of an Australian Citizen or Australian Permanent Resident to travel to Australia to marry their partner, and then lodge a Subclass 820, Onshore Partner Visa once they have married. Once you have been granted a Prospective Marriage Visa, you have 9 months to marry.

What’s the waiting period for a new resident in Australia?

Waiting period The waiting period consists of time spent in Australia as an Australian resident. This means, if you travel overseas, the time you’re away from Australia won’t count towards the waiting period. New residents may have to wait up to 4 years before they can:

Can a permanent residency visa be cancelled in Australia?

The Permanent Residency Visa may be cancelled thereby affecting the application for Australian Citizenship if the Resident Return Visa expires and the resident is out of the country. It is better to re-apply for a Resident Return Visa than to enter Australia on another visa.

What’s the waiting period for a permanent resident visa?

If you got your permanent residence visa or specified visa subclass before 1 January 2019, there’s a 2 year waiting period. It applies to the following payments and concessions:

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