Is it possible for my brother to live with my mum?

Is it possible for my brother to live with my mum?

However, if her will says that he can, he will be able to if he is already a joint owner – this may be the case if your father’s will left the property to you and your brother, but gave your mother the right to live in it until her death.

Can a parent still live in the family home?

The parent’s desire to go to assisted living, or downsize or raise cash to pay for care comes up and the family agrees that the family home must be sold because the aging parent needs the money. No one knows what to do with the sibling still living at that home. They won’t move out. Without addressing the issue in advance, this can get ugly.

How many lone parent mothers are there in the UK?

However, from 1999 to 2019 the number of lone parent fathers has grown by 22%, while the number of lone parent mothers also increased but at a slower rate (13.4%). These increases are both statistically significant (Figure 3).

When was the last time I Saw my Grandmother’s house?

The last time I visited was just before it was sold and prior to then, I hadn’t been back for years. By the time I returned it was empty and all my grandmother’s belongings had been boxed up and stored away. the house looked sad and frail – as though the cancer that took my grandmother had weakened its structure as well.

Do you have a right to compensation for your brother living with your mother?

GP No, you don’t have a right to compensation for the fact your brother is living with your mother rent-free, and I can’t see why you think you should have as the situation has not caused you to be out of pocket.

Where does my Brother Live after his father died?

My father died recently and my brother has moved in with my mother, and has been living there for six months. He has put his own house up for sale. I live in my own house.

Can a sibling live in the house after the death of a parent?

At his death, or if he decides to leave, you take possession. Your sibling also could retain the right to live in the house if your parents placed the house in a special needs trust.

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