Does strata cover leaking pipes?

Does strata cover leaking pipes?

While a leaking pipe could indeed be the likely culprit, an incorrectly sealed or damaged water membrane in the shower recess could also cause damage of this nature. With respect to the water damage caused to the walls and ceiling, this is generally covered by the Strata building Insurance policy.

Are Hot Water systems covered by strata?

If you live in a strata block of units and your hot water is supplied from a gas or electric hot water system that is located in a common area of the building and also supplies other units, this is known as a ‘common hot water system’. In your circumstance it appears that the hot water unit is exclusive to your lot.

Who is responsible for water pipe repair body corporate?

The owner disputed this argument producing a plumber’s report, which stated that the water pipe did not supply water solely to that unit (referring liability back to the Body Corporate).

Who is responsible for water pipe in bathroom?

In this case, a water pipe burst in the wall of an owner’s bathroom. Both the owner and the Body Corporate disputed responsibility. The Body Corporate argued that the pipe was within the boundary of the lot and was a utility infrastructure (and referred to Section 159 of the Regulations in support of the position that the owner was liable).

When is body corporate liable for common property?

Whilst Body Corporate liability as to “common property” and “boundary” matters are readily understandable, significant ambiguity follows from an incident arising within an individual unit which is traceable to matters associated with common property. One such example arose in the matter of The Palms Apartments [2009] QBCCMCmr 428 (30 October 2009).

Why are there so many complaints about body corporate?

Owners lacking appreciation for the difficulties faced by Body Corporate Managers and Committees balancing between insurers, assessors, occupiers (including displaced tenants) and alike, cause further delays in processing and can clog the Body Corporate Commissioner’s Office with complaints.

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