Can a Telstra account be in two names?

Can a Telstra account be in two names?

A Telstra account can only be in one name, as the account ID is an individual person (the Legal Lessee), not one or two people, just like a Drivers Licence.

How do I get an Itemised bill from Telstra?

Log into My Account (or register if you haven’t already done so). From the top menu, click Billing & Payments > Online Billing > View Bills. Select your service (e.g. mobile phone) then select Full Itemised Usage.

Can you change a phone contract to someone else’s name EE?

Transfer to a friend, colleague or family member To change the account holder name on your mobile account and transfer it to a new owner, give us a call when both you and the new account holder are together. call 150 from your EE phone. call 07973 100 150 from any phone.

Can I add my wife’s name to my Telstra account?

If you do not want to call billing on 13 22 00 to get this applied on your account, You can go into a Telstra Shop and they can do this for you on the spot. Be aware though that if you have more than one account you will need to add her as a Full Authority on all those accounts to give you wife full access.

How can I pay my Telstra bill online?

Pay your Telstra bills online using the security and convenience of Telstra’s online account services. Pay using a credit card, your bank account details or PayPal.

What happens if I give someone access to my Telstra account?

This is a security measure to ensure your contacts remain up to date so that only people you have authorised can access and manage your Telstra accounts and services. If you don’t revalidate your authorised contacts within 24 months, they will lose permission to access and manage your Telstra accounts and services.

How to change authority contacts on a Telstra account?

Asset User, is the user of their service, for example a child’s mobile service on their father’s account. An Asset User can only report faults and request technical support. So providing you do have a 13 digit account number, the option is available to you. Authority Contacts can be changed by calling 13 22 00 or by visiting a Telstra Store.

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